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At 10.Design, we specialize in various design disciplines, such as architecture, interior design, landscape design, branding, graphic design, and construction management. Our focus is on creating practical yet innovative results that blend seamlessly with reality.

Our latest edifice is inspired by one of the most celebrated structures in the world – Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany. Our founder was fortunate enough to study at Bauhaus, Weimar, in 2001, which greatly influenced our work culture. We have endeavored to replicate the same learning-focused atmosphere that encourages the creation of innovative designs and experiences. Our new office space features a thoughtfully designed c-shape layout, inspired by Bauhaus’ design discipline and incorporating modern elements to create a unique workspace.

The main conference room, located above the car park entrance, served as the inspiration behind the name “X10” as we expanded the room to create more space. The building is primarily made of steel and glass, with a concrete foundation. Its sleek design and minimalist aesthetic perfectly align with our company’s values of efficiency and innovation. The large windows of the building allow natural light to flood the space, creating a spacious and airy ambiance. When you enter our space, you’ll immediately notice that it’s been transformed into a gallery, with walls adorned with photographic prints. These prints not only add a pop of color to the area, but also create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. We’ve also added a touch of personality to every floor of the gallery, with models of the building and vintage cameras contributing to the ambiance. Even our canteen features graffiti art by a renowned Thai artist, adding a playful and lively feel to the space.

Project Type



Architectural Design, Interior Design, Construction Management


30 Ramintra Soi 5, Lane 2, Monument District Bang Khen, Bangkok, Thailand 10220


850 sqm.




The office layout is designed to cater to the diverse needs and work styles of employees. It is divided into three sections – the studio building, the main office building, and the Mensa building.

The first section is the studio building, featuring a spacious coffee shop and reception area. This building contains a gallery with high ceilings and a wide display area, making it a great entry point for clients. The main office building is situated in the center of our operations, where most of our work is carried out. The second floor is mainly reserved for design teams, including interior designers, architects, and graphic designers. The third floor is dedicated to administrative tasks, including HR, accounting, marketing, and executive offices.

The Mensa building serves as a facility area, with the second floor functioning as a canteen and an activity hall for special events. The third floor is designated as a relaxation area and office toilets.

Our building offers flexible rooms for both internal and client meetings, located on the second and third floors. We have parking for up to 24 cars, located on the ground floor of the X10 building, ensuring that both employees and clients have sufficient space. With open-air bridges connecting both buildings on the second and third floors and stairs joining all sections together, our office layout promotes a cohesive and functional workspace for all. Working in an eco-friendly environment

Thailand’s tropical climate exposes its inhabitants to strong UV rays, especially on building rooftops. Our solution was to use metal sheets with built-in PE insulation to reduce peak hour temperatures by 10-15 degrees. For the east side of the building, aluminium shading fins were installed to protect against direct sunlight during summer season in Bangkok. We also included 3M film on the curtain wall windows to reduce electrical consumption by 15% by blocking heat, infrared, and UV rays. During the day, solar cells generate up to 35 kilowatts of electricity.
Our employees’ safety is our top priority, which is why we use clear tempered glass for all curtain walls to prevent accidents. We’re also committed to promoting a healthy work environment by installing an air cleaner and a ventilation fan in enclosed spaces like the copy room.

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