Client: Wine connection (Thailand)

WINE CONNECTION : THE GRILL Restaurant & wine bar

About the Project

The Grill from a different point of view… The Designer decided to create the feeling of the Grill Room in the Main Dining Area. The main concept was created by using the grill’s materials such as Copper, Brick, Raw Steel, and Metal Grill until the Firewood’s Texture.

Simply is the best for this Concept.. To create the Grill Restaurant as the grill room, the Designer implement all the grill materials to become part of the room and use material properties as they were. This Wine Connection shop is not just only a restaurant but provides a retail shop area for customers. The designer creates the big entrance sliding door same as the garage door to open as a long window for the Wine Display.

Project Type



Interior Design


Groove @ Central world, Bangkok, Thailand


400 sqm.




We use the recycling materials in some parts of the design elements such as the pinewood from the Shipping Goods to be wine displays and covered with wood stains. Also, some design elements were created from the used material such as the old water pipe as the railing and the footrest in front of the bar. Most of the prop designs used old books, magazines, and old bottles to create lighting screens for a charming, exotic atmosphere.
WINE CONNECTION THE GRILLRestaurant & wine bar (3)
WINE CONNECTION THE GRILLRestaurant & wine bar (8)
WINE CONNECTION THE GRILLRestaurant & wine bar (11)

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