'S New York - Italian restaurant and bar (2)

Client: Ferraro Co.,Ltd.

TONY'S New York - Italian restaurant and bar

About the Project

Celebrity Chef Anthony “Tony” Burd from the US has recently launched a new restaurant in district of Bangkok’s Sukhumvit 11. The Italian New Yorker style of food that he’s serving traces its roots back to the first Italian immigrants who arrived in New York City in 1654, which sparked the growth of the largest Italian population in the USA since then. Food is a vital component of Italian culture, and the Italian New York-style food has evolved over time. Today, it is renowned for its distinctive taste and is regarded as one of the most popular food styles that represent New York’s local cuisine.​

Project Type



Interior Design, Construction Management




300 sqm.




Tony’s restaurant has embodied the authentic lifestyle of Italian-Americans in New York. It’s all about striking a balance between being approachable and maintaining the quality of the food. These concepts are reflected in every aspect of the restaurant. The new modern and warm welcome space with a new-classic white panel has been created along the bar. The rebirth space has been started with the idea of “fresh”, the white wood panel has been installed with the very warm classic wall lamp to lit up the audience’s night. The welcome drink bar is situated at the front with a smooth cocktail that leads you to the cozy dining space inside. The open kitchen and pizza area are integrated to complete the favorite dining time.
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