Client: Chanwanich Co.,Ltd.


About the Project

In Thailand, the Tonsai tree is revered for symbolizing peace and blessings within a home or building. The building next to this tree once served the formal printing industry. After moving to a new factory, the building was left untouched for years until the Chanwanich company’s new generation decided to give it a new purpose. The building has been brought back to life as a space for creativity and collaboration for the new generation of Chanwanich company.

Project Type



Interior Design


Bangkok, Thailand


420 sqm.




We have retained all of the existing structures and systems but re-design the space for a co-working area, town hall, recreation area, and cafe within the “Play & goal” concept. The small battlefield has been created in the center of space for the town hall area to encourage fun, activity, and productivity among staff and the company. This vivid green floor is painted as a sports court for small games during free time and becomes a lecture room when needed. The wooden step is joinery work that we added to be a small stadium for the audience. By focusing on feature areas, wood and metal are key materials for durable and easy maintenance purposes for public spaces but are still fun with graphics and decoration.

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