Client: Mr. Kim

The Promenade Residence

About the Project

In the same residence, two different generations with different perceptions of space occupy the same area. The original building, constructed in the 90s, was renovated once in the millennium era. Meanwhile, the new building is being constructed to accommodate the new lifestyle base activity. Despite sharing the same location, the two-perception concept implemented by each generation is entirely unique.

Project Type



Architectural Design, Interior Design


Bangkok, Thailand


~ 2,400 sqm.




10.Design team used the “Corridor” as the linkage to merge all the new and old spaces together. By this strategy, the long corridor with the canapé created shade to protect from the sun and high temperature during the late afternoon. The long canapé together with the façade sunscreen is one of the new house elements, yet the corridor along the front of the house created the new character and the house identity related two spaces together

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