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Pridi Residence

About the Project

Conveying the “Identity” lifestyle of the residents to the home design.

“Pridi Residence” is a house that can express its uniqueness. The lifestyle of the residents come out through the design. To reflect the identity of the residents and the way of life of the residents,determining usage patterns in conjunction with lifestyle activities of living through the house. This process create a special feeling when living where the clients could express ourselves.

Project Type



Interior design


Bangkok, Thailand


1,106 sqm.





Finer Details

The beginning of the Pridi Residence renovation design was based on a thorough study of the original structure and space of the house. Therefore, it was decided that the original house structure should be maintained, including the various functions in the house. Because the house already has a beautiful structure, shape, and proportions. Therefore this leads to a design of the original structure through a Modern contemporary looks that emphasizes contemporary beauty. The design has a decorative context that combines old and modern styles. To meet the modern lifestyle needs, including adding the elements to stand out by choosing luxurious finishing materials and patterns that make a sense of contemporary beauty with the sophistication, by carefully selected beautiful details. As well as concerning attention to the selection of furniture that can meet the needs of residents’ activities. Even paying attention to choosing the right dining table and chairs are important matter. Because the homeowner has a lifestyle that likes to party and socialize, choosing a full-scale dining table. Consists of arranging the space into different zones. That can accommodate friends and family to welcome together and enjoy the special moment.

The owner of the house has a passion for art. They are also importers of Art Toy products. Their specialty is having a clear glass display area for displaying Art Toy products and various collectibles. As a result, the use of art was inserted into the decorations in various parts of the house. Creating a unique atmosphere that stands out, there is also another special feature, such as the design of the walkway zone with a clear glass floor, adding coolness and modernity, helping to increase interest. space to make the house looks unique.

Design that focuses on conveying emotions Identity and feelings of residents is to explain the identity of the residents as much as possible through the design. Creating an atmosphere that is more than building a house, it is an attraction that comes from the atmosphere lifestyle that residents can access. It is a house that was built just for special owners and becomes unique residence.

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