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Pavilion House

About the Project

When the times change, lifestyle has also changed.

Like the Pavilion House, it was originally an old house that has been around for generations since the 80’s. Nowadays, it is an era of changing. The attitude & lifestyle behavior of the people have to be adjusted. Therefore, it leads to the new house in a new modern style that match nowadays properly resident activities.

Renew the house to match the current era, but still maintain the original house’s structure, This process started by focusing the design that can maintain uniqueness of the original house structure. By that, there is a new allocation of the space to clearly divide the function zones. To increase the lighting engagement in the house, A section of glass doors and window panels were introduced to provide an open space. This is the value of the view through the large transparent glass sliding door. They connect the interior and exterior space together. The residence could open to enjoy outside atmosphere including allow natural light into the interiorspace.

Project Type



Architectural Design, Interior Design


Bangkok, Thailand


~ 1,741 sqm.




Planning and new design of the residence, The designers concern of the details in every space to be a cost-effective together with beauty to meet all functions. The designer has a design concept by choosing to make the house look cozy. Through adding a modern contemporary style to emphasize the owner character. It is a decorations that combine the person with the pass to match perfectly and all furniture was brought into decorations, and lighting, was arranged to create a perfect atmosphere to make the home feel relaxing and warm. The courtyard garden in the middle of the house, which is another special feature that enhances the green space and creates shading atmosphere. It become a house with contemporary beauty and touch of nature enjoying for living.

The integrity of the house is not just about dividing the space that meet the needs of living style, but also paying attention to the atmosphere of the small perspective as well as the lifestyle preference. So that, the residence could live happily in the same actual house. It is piece of memory of the generations to pass through the next generations.

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