Client: Green latex co.,ltd.


About the Project

In today’s modern workplace, it’s crucial to have a positive work environment regardless of the industry. Green Latex Company understands this, which is why they have developed a 4-story building to serve as a new office area that fosters creativity and innovation.

Project Type

Workplace, Commercial


Interior Design, Architectural Design


Bangkok, Thailand


2,150 sqm.




From the rectangular box building, we created the connected stair from the 1st to 4th floor which provides the large atrium to allow natural light into the space. The character of Green latex is all about bringing natural materials to create products that are good for the health of users. The concept of “The plantation” is created. We use the curve line as the form of the forest for the layout plan with green carpet and also with the green rubble tile for the connecting stair. Most of the material selections are concerned with the color and texture which are needed to convey the touch of plantation, for example the tog and timber finishes. The façade implies the plantation as we are sitting or wearing the green forest where the façade design allows the light through the floor and the large atrium. The eco-friendly material has been selected to support the sustainability concept such as the recycled carpet tile and the rubble floor. All these thoughts convey the identity of the organization which presents to the staff and audiences.

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