Client: European financial firm

European Financial Firm

About the Project

The office of the European firm is a new investment in Asia, including financial services, fund investments and clean energy. The Thailand office was founded in Bangkok in 2011, the company’s focusing on Myanmar, Lao, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. ​

The new location is the heart of Bangkok city. The increasing number of Bangkok’s staff members required more spaces therefore the layout and the M&E system have provided for future expansion. As Europe’s investment fund, the Scandinavian style has been involved in the space. The character of space is constructed from light wood and pale blue fabric / panel. The character of solid wood has created a cozy ambient and comfortable space with the natural light from the building window. ​

Project Type



Interior Design


Interchange 21, Bangkok, Thailand


~ 180 sqm.




All loose furniture has been selected with a comfy touch, aiming to comfort the visitor and staff. The waiting area has changed into the living room. As a result of the solid log wood table and Scandinavian dining chairs, the boardroom has been transformed into a comfortable space. The graphic film pattern has also softened the space to make it appear less formal.

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