Client: Conicle Co., Ltd. (Head Office)


About the Project

Conicle, a startup founded in 2014, offers lifelong learning solutions for individuals and big companies in Thailand. Their office design is inspired by their CEO’s preferences and core values, with an astronaut theme and signature red color integrated throughout the modern-industrial style space to give it a unique touch.

Unlike typical office spaces, the Conicle office is specifically crafted to foster a positive and uplifting work environment. The “Mission to Mars” theme, which represents the challenge of achieving the impossible, is a particular favourite. To bring this theme to life, the ceiling is adorned with foil elements resembling a NASA space station, while planet paintings and hanging sculptures of Mars and astronauts create a space-themed ambiance. Additionally, red lasers are installed along the skywalk bridge, linking two areas, which has become an iconic symbol of the office, inspired by the CEO’s favourite movie franchise, Star Wars.

In our designs, we incorporate the term “conical,” which usually refers to a cone shape and is often used for symbolic or promotional purposes. It also represents the idea of announcing that everyone is capable of learning from everywhere. The CEO’s love of space made the space shuttle a perfect fit, serving as a centerpiece for the main hall. Through collaboration with amusement park constructors and their expertise in fiberglass design, we created a space shuttle replica as the main feature. We even installed a pole within the shuttle to offer staff a fast track to the ground floor.

Furthermore, every aspect of the office layout is thoughtfully designed to reflect their culture and values. We take pride in their unique features, such as the custom shoe storage that was created to accommodate our CEO’s preference for working in slippers. This distinct feature has now become a tradition, with many employees also opting for comfortable footwear.

Project Type



Interior Design, Construction Management


Bangkok, Thailand


~ 950 sqm.


2021 – 2022


At Conicle, they believe in creating an environment that encourages personal and professional growth. To achieve optimal working conditions for their employees, we’ve designed multifunctional workspaces with most of the area being covered by hot desks. In addition, our open-plan workspaces are equipped with comfortable seating and natural lighting, promoting a productive and efficient work environment. To that end, we’ve created common areas such as co-working spaces and activity rooms that encourage social interaction and collaboration among employees.

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