Client: Chanwanich Co.,Ltd.


About the Project

Chanwanich security printing Co.,Ltd. is the company engaged in the specialization in the production of publications, advanced anti-counterfeiting? The products will consist of documents issued by various countries’ governments and the evidence of permission to enter the country that will mark the stamp as well as the digital printing which the company gives top priority to. Chanwanich security printing Co.,Ltd. has been providing services for a long time and has received confidence and trust from the government and many public companies.

Project Type



Interior Design


Kongboonma Building, Bangkok,Thailand


~ 8,500 sqm.




The management team of Chanwanich has engaged 10 Design Co.,Ltd. to create their new office space in order to refresh and engages new generations. The new space acquired a recreation area for doing activities, the connecting space for each department to join their space together with cozy lounges as the casual meeting points. The said designed area will help to promote the culture of working together as well as to fulfill the desires of the new generation. With the cozy atmosphere in the building, the interior decoration is decorated with new materials and equipment. Apart from that, with design expertise and efficiency in the use of materials, the recommended laminate flooring and panel has brought to decorate the interior space and emphasize the green space from the outside which could totally build the warm and relaxing atmospheres inside the building.

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