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About the Project

Kaja Gallery Café is situated within the stunning Cacha Bed Heritage Hotel in Bangkok’s Old Town. This hotel, constructed in 1900, was initially commissioned by Lady Mom Rajawong Rosalin Gaganang, the granddaughter of Prince Gaganang Yugala, a son of King Rama 4th, for the royal family. The café’s name, Kaja, meaning “Elephant” in Thai, is inspired by the white elephant, a symbol of heritage and tradition in Thai culture, with the interior design incorporating the skin color and a modernized flower pattern.

Our owner’s love of photography inspired us to create a space that is not only a café but also an art gallery, designed to delight and inspire visitors. At Kaja Gallery Café, we believe in providing an atmosphere that stimulates both the senses and the mind. Our unique space serves as a platform for local artists to showcase their talents and gain visibility. Through this exciting initiative, we are proud to support our local community and promote the arts to the public, which are deeply rooted in their core values.

Project Type

Hospitality, Arts and Culture


Interior Design, Creative Works (CI, Branding Design)


MRT Samyod station., Bangkok, Thailand


~ 115 sqm.




The art gallery’s design was inspired by the elephant’s skin colors and head, specifically its form and curve. To achieve this, we utilized white columns, which not only represent ivory’s color but also impart a modern look to the gallery. The 3D white grids were meticulously crafted to resemble an elephant’s shape and can be used as a stunning hanging display. What’s more, the metal display can be customized to fit the size and shape of each artwork, allowing visitors to appreciate each piece’s intricate details.

The building’s old wooden furniture and Portuguese tiled floors offer an authentic Thai charm that we were keen to preserve. The challenge was to balance traditional and contemporary decor elements in the design, without modifying the building’s exterior. Our team collaborated with the owner and came up with innovative solutions. One of these was incorporating the dark sandstone orange color into the cafe’s design, which closely resembles the skin of an elephant and complements the original floor. This approach helped us achieve a modern, fresh look while keeping the Thai aesthetic intact.
CACHA BED HERITAGE Cafe and Gallery (11)
CACHA BED HERITAGE Cafe and Gallery (20)
CACHA BED HERITAGE Cafe and Gallery (16)

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