Client: BX Clinic Company Limited

BX Clinic at Robinson Latkrabang

About the Project

BX Clinic Latkrabang is located at Robinson Lifestyle, a shopping center located in the community, which is met the needs of the new generation of urban people. The concept of this shopping center is an “oasis” that is ready to provide experiences many of new lifestyle.

BX Clinic adopts a design concept that centers on establishing a natural and easily accessible setting. The design emphasizes curves that convey a feeling of relaxation, comfort, and gentleness. Together with choosing a blue tone that resonates with the brand’s atmosphere, cultivating a sense of tranquility and simplicity. It is complemented by a yellow tone that gives a feeling of warmth and happiness. It helps to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. Under the simplicity of natural shapes comes to help create relaxation and peace of mind. To create a new environment that is suitable and feels friendly.

Project Type



Interior Design


Bangkok, Thailand


70 sqm.





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